Similar Games Like Cardboard Clash You Must Try

Cardboard Clash is a game with cardboard box arena where a total of 30 players play the game in the carton characters and jump into the battle with the aim to take out their opponents from the battleground. You have to show your aggression and skills in the wild and crazy 5-minute matches.

What makes it more exciting are the pick-up-and-test controls which help you to dive directly in the 30 players’ box royale. It involves snatching equipment, unblocking special skills, shooting, looting, and many things.


If you still haven’t got Cardboard Clash on your system, here is the way to get Cardboard Clash on your PC (Windows) and Mac.

Now, for the players who are looking for similar games like Cardboard Clash, we have gathered some of these alternatives that must be played when either you want something new or get bored of playing Cardboard Clash for a long time.

Alternatives of Cardboard Clash

Super Cat Bros

This game is about the six cats which are the stars of this gameplay. You have to reunite Alex, a cat with his siblings while exploring the mysterious world. You will find the number of secretive things in the game. You have to control 24 paws using your two thumbs if playing it on a mobile phone.


You will feel it quite easier to play when climbing, swimming, jumping and running is just possible with your two thumbs. You have to pick the right cat for this gameplay and gain a unique gaming experience.

Stickman Archers Bloody Adventure

It is one of the most popular online games played by mobile users and is somewhat similar to Cardboard Clash. The game involves players in a heroic fight against their opponents, which requires some mastership as well as speed. It is packed with numerous features and offers various types of weapon, all you have to focus is to avoid or take out the enemies for your survival.

Make your strategies to destroy your enemies. This game ensures to provide realistic and eventful battle experience in the super stickman games style.

Dead Bunker 3: On a Surface

If you are looking for something simple to play, this game is not perfect for you; instead, if you love terror games, you must not miss trying this gameplay. This bunker has creatures like mutants which came out of control as a result of some experiment and become a challenge for everyone out there in the bunker. The main aim of each player is to get out of this bunker alive and try your all possible ways to not become a living dead.

Stickman Fight

If you want to play a single-player game, you must consider Stickman Fight to have more fun taking revenge for the destruction of the world. You have to fight against zombies and other deranged cultists. Simply shoot them, destroy their nests, save the survivors and also collect the resources. Your main aim is to defend your village, to get this, you need to build and craft trap, shoot arrows and crossbows. It has numerous features which will be explored when you start playing this battle royale game.

If you want to try your battle skills on games other than Cardboard Clash but similar to it, these given games will surely be your best choice.