Tips & Tricks To Play Cardboard Clash Like A Pro

Cardboard Clash is considered as one of the cutest battle royale games you have ever played. If you love simple and appealing graphics, this gameplay can be your perfect choice to be the last man standing on the battlefield.

Not just get attracted towards its cutesy graphics, it offers everything that a player looks in a battle royale game, so you need to follow some strategies and tips to win the game. Let’s start with some of the tips and tricks which you must be taken into account to play Cardboard Clash like a Pro.


Yet to get it on your PC or Mac, here is the way to get Cardboard Clash on Mac and PC

Pick up little blue gems

You will see little blue gems scattered all around the map. Picking up these little blue gems help a lot in gaining some experience points and when you will be granted with enough gems, you will be leveled up and get a chance to learn a new passive skill. So, you should not ignore these little blue gems on the map.

Look for the best gear

When you reach a few levels up on the opponents, the best tip is to start searching for better gear replacements. You must look at little notches available in the weapon icons; it is basically the level of the weapon which you have equipped recently. So, put the focus on finding the good stuff.

Never ignore Dodge skills

You must also know about getting a chance to choose one skill from three of them when you level up. No doubt they all have helpful abilities, but most of the preferred skill picked by many players is the Dodge skill. This skill has the ability to save you from the attack as if you are intangible.

Initially, this skill has about 15% chance to trigger, but you can upgrade it with further skill levels and be the master of this Dodge skill.

Consider Frying Pan as a reliable weapon

It is true that when you play battle royale games, you do not rely on melee weapons as the main selection. But when it comes to Cardboard Clash, you can rely on such weapons completely. Melee weapons run on energy and each of such weapons has its own energy level.


To avoid ending up in a sticky situation where you have to wait for your weapon to recharge, it is best to take help of frying pan as your secondary weapon. Though it is quite risky to go close to your opponent, when hits with frying pan, it does more damage than other guns in the game.

Find the Shield Chargers

Other things that you see scattered around the map are Shield Chargers. They are highly effective because when you stand on them, you will start generating a shield. In battle royale game, it is like the most important thing you must take for your survival in the battle.

They work effectively in helping you to take away most of the hits than normal. So, find shield chargers and stand on them as long as you can until the outside obstacles permit.

Simply keep these tips and tricks in mind while playing Cardboard Clash; no one can stop you to be a master of this gameplay.